lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

8/52: Take the weather with you

Model: The super cute Lauren Sweeney-Fenton
Make Up Artist: My dear Katie Wilton
Styling, Photography and Editing: Ana Gely A.

Everywhere you go
Always take the weather with you
- Crowded House

This photo was taken in Regent St and it’s the result of combining around 9 images, so long hours of editing again! It was actually raining (a little bit) and FREEZING! And we were in a hurry, but I was lucky to have an amazing model that resisted under the bad weather very professionally and still gave me her best looks.
I know it wasn’t the easiest photoshoot, so thank you so much Katie and Lauren for being there and for your work! :)

Yesterday, 20th of march, was my first London anniversary :) I really can’t believe it’s been 1 YEAR since I moved here… and I still think it’s one of the best decissions I have ever taken! I’ve learned a lot (and I’m still learning) from this experience,. I’ve met all kinds of people, good and not that good. It wasn’t always easy to live on my own and far from home, but in the end I know I’m having a great time and the balance is more than positive. In this year so many things have changed in me, and the most important one is that I feel in peace with myself and I feel I have more control over my own life, because I decided to live it the best way I can :)

So this photo is dedicated to all the good people that I’ve met here during this year and give me so many good moments to remember. Thanks :)


Ayer, 20 de marzo, hizo un año desde que me mudé a Londres :) ¡Es increíble lo rápido que pasa el tiempo! Y todavía sigo pensando que venir aquí fue una de las mejores decisiones que he tomado nunca. He aprendido mucho (y sigo aprendiendo) de esta experiencia. Me he cruzado con gente buena y no tan buena. No siempre ha sido fácil esto de vivir lejos de casa y por mi cuenta, pero sé que el balance final es más que positivo. En este año he cambiado mucho, y lo más importante es que ahora estoy a gusto conmigo misma, y que siento que tengo más control sobre mi vida, porque he decidido vivirla de la mejor manera que pueda :)

Así que esta foto va dedicada a todas esas buenas personas que he encontrado aquí y que me siguen dando tantos grandes momentos para recordar. Gracias :)

Nos vemos pronto, ¡gracias por leer!
See you very very soon, thanks for stopping by!